Update on the puppies found dumped in a bag

1st Jan 2019

Not a good start to the year…

Following on from yesterday’s news item on the seven puppies found in a bag — unfortunately one puppy passed away last night (31st) and the remaining one died early this morning.

They were very weak when they came in to us —  God only know how long they were in that bag before the gentleman found them. The fact that one has already died would lead us to believe they were there for some time.

Sadly, that’s the downside of animal rescue. We also have in our care two collie sisters that were dumped around the October bank holiday weekend. Both ended up in the pound, where it was discovered that one had recently given birth to puppies. The man who found the dogs went back to where he found them and found five puppies. We now have the mother, Molly, and the five puppies in our care. Her sister, Holly, ended up having five more puppies in the pound and they are now also in our care.

Once you have the mothers, the puppies have a great chance of surviving, but without the mother and not knowing the history, it’s a miracle if the puppies survive. Unfortunately that was the case with the puppies found last week — the combination of being separated from their mother and being left in that bag for a long time meant they didn’t have much chance of survival.

It’s really disheartening to us that in this day-and-age, that there are people around who can do things like this. So many animals are still treated like junk and discarded in horrific ways.

Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find the culprits, but one thing is always for sure — animal rescues like us are always left picking up the pieces…