Seven puppies found dumped in Derryounce, Portarlington

31st Dec 2018

Well the Christmas spirit didn’t last long…

Last Friday (28/12/18), we got a call from a gentleman who was out walking in Derryounce and found a bag of seven puppies. Sadly, one had already passed away. The puppies were rushed to our vets, where it was discovered that the remaining six puppies were very weak and very dehydrated. Unfortunately two didn’t survive past Friday night (the 28th), another passed away yesterday morning (30th) and we lost another during the night. The remaining two puppies are struggling, but hopefully they will survive.

What kind of a person could dump puppies so small, only about a day old? How can you sleep at night knowing they could be dying a slow, painful death? What has happened to the mother; is she still alive fretting for her puppies? Did she die, during or after giving birth? Sadly we’ll never know the answers, but what we do know is the amount of puppies abandoned and surrendered since Christmas is frightening, all you have to do is look at all the Rescue Facebook pages. There is no excuse for this cruelty — don’t get a dog if you are not in a position to care for it properly and neuter it.

Please keep the remaining two puppies in your thoughts. Hopefully 2019 will be kinder year for animals.