This is beautiful Callie. This gorgeous girl turned up at a house during very cold weather in a sad state. She was very dirty and weighed only 2 kg (4 lb 6 oz), with her little bones protruding.

She was hungry, was eating well and her blood tests didn’t show up anything sinister — so it appears this poor thing was just going about half starved.

She needed a lot of TLC and some nourishing food before we could spay or start her vaccinations. This has all been done now and she is just waiting to get her stitches out.

She is an extremely cuddly cat, and loves people, but would prefer to be the only feline in the house. Her nose was quite sore from an accumulation of dirt and being out all the time but it is healing really well.

If you are interested in adopting Callie, or would like more information, please contact our cat coordinator on (085) 2397059