Volunteer Policy

The Laois SPCA is a society run entirely by volunteers under the leadership of a Board of Directors which is elected annually at the AGM.

The Laois SPCA values its volunteers and their contribution to the society and any case of bullying or harassment by one volunteer to another will be treated very seriously.

Should a volunteer receive any calls or queries from the public regarding animal cruelty or the running of the society, these matters shall be referred to the Board and not dealt with by that member.

Any volunteer, when carrying out work for the society, is entitled to claim fuel expenses incurred provided that this work has been approved by the Board. Any other expenses are paid at the discretion of the Directors and receipts must be provided before payment.

All volunteers shall receive two copies of the Health & Safety statement: one to be signed and returned to the secretary of the society, and the other to be kept by that volunteer for reference.

Any volunteers not abiding by the Memos & Articles of the Laois SPCA will be invited to a meeting with the Board. If no amicable resolution can be reached, an independent person may be invited to mediate. The final decision as to whether that person remains a volunteer rests with the Board after the fair right of reply has been considered.

This policy may be altered from time to time if legally required or by the decision of the volunteers.

Dorothy Walker
Chairperson Laois SPCA
11th. January 2020