Euthanasia Policy

The Laois SPCA is working towards a world in which no re-homable animal is put to sleep.

However, the Laois SPCA accepts, with great reluctance, that there might be circumstances where euthanasia of an animal might be unavoidable.

Euthanasia might be necessary on welfare grounds to prevent further suffering due to the animal being severely sick or injured with a very poor prognosis for recovery or due to severe behavioural issues (which would make it unsafe to rehome).

Animals with severe behavioural issues may be referred to behavioural experts for advice and guidance.

The decision to euthanise any animal is never made easily or taken lightly.

The decision to euthanise any animal is made by the directors of the Laois SPCA in conjunction with veterinary practitioners.

Where euthanasia is required, it is carried out only by a registered veterinary practitioner using approved humane methods.