Update On Our Little Staffie

24th Mar 2015

Our Staffie boy has now been named Buzz.

He had a relatively comfortable night last night and he is recovering from his shock. Today was a hard day for him as he had to have his wound cleaned vigorously to help clean it out and it will have to be cleaned like this twice daily to stop any severe infection setting in. He is receiving fluids and two sets of antibiotics, one of which is being given intravenously. He is also on strong painkillers to make him as comfortable as possible.
He has an ulcer in his left eye and bruising on his right eye. He also has a large swelling/bruising under his jaw, consistent with a bang or tugging. The vet has decided to hold back on the x-ray for his leg at the moment, but it can be done at a later stage if necessary. They are trying to keep him as comfortable as possible at the moment.

Good news is this little boy LOVES his food and is eating like a horse, which is brilliant as he needs to regain his strength. All the poor boy is doing at the moment is sleeping and eating.
Buzz is such a sweet, gentle boy that even with the pain, he accepts all the help he is getting with no complaints. How anyone could have done this to this sweet boy is beyond us.

We are pleading again to anyone who has any information to PLEASE contact us or the Portlaoise Garda. All information will be strictly confidential. We need justice for Buzz!!