TNR Programme

31st Jan 2012

TNRWe are currently running a Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) programme on a colony of feral (wild) cats on the outskirts of Portlaoise town. These are two of the cats that were trapped, neutered/spayed and treated for parasites today and the programme will run until we are confident all cats within the colony have been neutered/spayed. After they have recovered they will be returned to the area they came from where they have access to sufficient food and will live out healthier lives without the problem of uncontrollable breeding.

One unspayed female can be responsible for a colony of 30 cats in just one year. Many feral cats already struggle to survive in often harsh conditions, many not having enough to eat on a daily basis, adequate shelter or any access to veterinary care. As more kittens arrive the struggle to survive intensifies. TNR offers an effective and humane solution to the uncontrolled breeding of feral cats. It stops the breeding and stops population growth immediately and the number of cats in the area declines naturally.

If you have a problem with feral cats in your area, please contact us with details of where you are and how many cats are in the area. If you would like to donate towards the cost of running these programmes, please visit our donate page with details of different ways you can donate to help.