Puppies are not Christmas presents!

3rd Nov 2018

The calls have started already. People have been calling us trying to book a kitten or puppy for Christmas.

“Oh, can I pick it up on Christmas Eve?”

No, our volunteers work hard enough during the year and deserve to have Christmas Eve to themselves to enjoy with their own animals and animals they are fostering. But, more importantly, for several years now we have not re-homed animals in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Live animals are not suitable as presents. People often  think they’ll surprise their friend with a puppy, without thinking their friend might not want a puppy. They want to have a kitten in a box with a bow for their 3 year old child, who is more interested in her Paw Patrol figures. People are calling, doors are being left open, animals are left on their own as people are going to visit relatives.

This is not a suitable time to take in an animal. So, to be clear, we are not taking bookings of animals for Christmas week. If your child wants an animal for Christmas, most toys stores stock a large range of cute & cuddly stuffed animals, which don’t require the care, love and long term dedication as the live variety.

Puppies are not for Christmas!