Trap, Neuter and Return

15th Nov 2014
We regularly advertise that we run a Trap, Neuter and Return scheme where we provide humane cat traps, neuter the cats and return them back to the area. Under no circumstances, should these traps be used to trap cats to release them UNNEUTERED onto farms.

Watch your Dogs!

23rd Oct 2014
We have had a report of a man on the Block Rd, Portlaoise selling Persian rugs. He also seems to be showing a lot of interest in dogs in gardens and has offered to buy one from an owner.

Lost & Found

19th Oct 2014
A lost dog called Pip and a found cat


Kitten Rescue

16th Oct 2014
Luckily a man out walking his dog noticed these kittens and contacted the LSPCA. They are two little beauties, really friendly and love their cuddles.

More Dumping

13th Oct 2014
This lovely mammy cat was dumped in The Swan, Laois with her six gorgeous kittens. Just imagine, trying to feed six kittens, forage for food herself to maintain her milk supply with no shelter from the rain and no access to regular meals.

Join our Team!

11th Oct 2014
We are currently looking for foster volunteers, particularly cat fosterers.

Allie Update

6th Feb 2013
Allie was bathed and had her hair shorn to remove the sore and uncomfortable matts. She felt much better after it and was so much brighter.

Utterly Appalling Neglect

6th Feb 2013
We received a call from a lady who rang looking for help for a stray dog that had turned up on her doorstep, she said it was in a bad way. One of our Volunteers went to meet the lady with the dog with the intention of holding it for the night. The sight he saw was horrifying.

Dramatic Rescue

29th Jan 2013
Friday night, we received a call from a lady who’s kitten was trapped in a drain. Two of our Volunteers called over and found that the curious kitten (don’t worry, it’s a happy ending) had crawled into an open pipe outside the back door. They weren’t long living there and hadn’t noticed it, or considered […]

Dogs Found in the Slieve Bloom Mountains

11th Jan 2013
We received a call late this afternoon to say that an adult dog and 2 pups were seen in the Glendine Glenregan area of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. Both the dog and the puppies appeared in poor condition, quite thin and very nervous.

Garryhinch Husky Pups

3rd Dec 2012
Monday this week we took in 4 out of the 9 husky pups that were found in Garryhinch woods and Cara took

Poor cat blinded by cat flu

15th Sep 2012
This evening we were called by two very kind people who had seen a cat which appeared to be blind. Two of our volunteers responded and met the girls who made the report and quickly found the cat.

Little Foal Found in Woods

13th Sep 2012
Last night we received a call from someone who had seen a horse in poor condition in the woods near Shaen Hospital, Portlaoise.

Feral Cat Awareness Week

8th Aug 2012
The 3rd National Feral Cat Awareness Week is just days away! (11th – 18th August). The aim of the week is to highlight the plight of feral and stray cats in Ireland, promote trap/neuter/return as a humane effective solution and educate the public on caring for these cats and improving their quality of life. Please […]

24th May 2012
We have set up a page on so you can sponsor people fundraising for us and you can also make donations (including Laser payments) this way too. You can find us on here:

Spay/Neuter your pets!

11th Apr 2012
While our trap, neuter & return programme is proving to be very successful, we are amazed to come across so many family pets that have not been spayed or neutered.


TNR Programme

31st Jan 2012
We are currently running a Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) programme on a colony of feral (wild) cats on the outskirts of Portlaoise town.