Maisie 2

Sweet Maisie Update

1st Sep 2015
Many of you may remember this little girl. She came into our care from the Myshall Puppy farm. She was in a horrific condition….we couldn’t believe what we saw when she arrived by us.

Wild Baby Birds

Wild Birds!

5th Jul 2015
We are receiving many calls regarding baby birds that have fallen out of the nest. Here is some advice given by “Irish Wildlife Matters”.

Know Where Your Dog Came From!

16th May 2015
Laois SPCA took 23 of these dogs. We have re-homed one already, two will be going shortly, but some still have a long way to go…

Kitten season

Kitten Season Again!

16th May 2015
Here we are again, right back to where we are this time every year. Already, this week, (and its only Tuesday) we’ve had several calls of kittens being born…


Woody Pulled Through!

16th May 2015
We are delighted to tell you all that Woody has been making great progress. He has had his tubes removed and is eating…

**Woody Update**

11th May 2015
As you are already aware this lovely boy has been admitted to UCD Veterinary Hospital today. He was sedated and underwent tests and X-rays. His laryngeal function and bloods came back normal. However…

Yvette & Tim 1

A Beautiful And Special Day On The Way!

5th May 2015
Most couples would consider their Wedding Day as being the most momentous and important day of their lives. This is no less true for Yvette and Tim who will make a lifelong commitment to each other on 27th June of this year. However, instead of the day focusing on themselves…

We are lost for words!!

26th Apr 2015
On Monday, Liz from Petworld, Portlaoise had heard the full story of all the dogs/puppies that had been rescued from the puppy farm in Myshall, Carlow. She desperately wanted to help in some way…

Carlow Puppy Farm

22nd Apr 2015
Many of you will know about the closure of a puppy farm in Myshall, Carlow, where over 350 dogs/puppies were seized by the ISPCA. These animals were living in horrendous conditions and there were dead animals scattered everywhere. As some of you will know…

Special Appeal 1

***Special Appeal***

17th Apr 2015
You are probably aware by now of the closure of a puppy farm in Myshall, Carlow. As usual, it is the rescues who are left to deal with the fallout of these callous breeders…

Horse Dumped

14th Apr 2015

We got a call this afternoon from a very distressed lady about a horse tied up to a gate with a wound to her neck. Volunteers responded immediately and to their horror, this is what they arrived to.

Buzz update 2

Buzz Update!

31st Mar 2015
Hi everyone. Well yous was all right, I needs not of been scared having my eye operation today…

Dog Neutering Scheme

Dog Neutering Scheme

31st Mar 2015
We are seeing the pictures everyday, puppies left at the side of the road, dumped outside pounds…


28th Mar 2015
We have had several reports of youths in fields across from Cullenwood…

Buzz When he was Found

27th Mar 2015
his is how Buzz was found on Monday afternoon, left for DEAD!! On examination, he had bite wounds on his body, blunt force trauma to his face and slash wounds on his body.

Buzz Update

Buzz Update

25th Mar 2015
Buzz had a relatively comfortable night again last night. But today he is a little more withdrawn and seems slightly depressed too. His poor body is so weak from trying to fight the infection he has.


Update On Our Little Staffie

24th Mar 2015
Our Staffie boy has now been named Buzz.

He had a relatively comfortable night last night and he is recovering from his shock. Today was a hard day for him as he had to have his wound cleaned vigorously to help clean it out and it will have to be cleaned like this twice daily to stop any severe infection setting in.

Dog Baiting

24th Mar 2015
For any of you who may not understand the reality of what goes on in ‘dog baiting’ here is short excerpt explaining the brutality of it. Our little staffie spent a relatively comfortable night and will be thoroughly examined and treated by the vets today now that he is not in as much shock. Thanks […]