Happy Christmas from the Laois SPCA

20th Dec 2018

THE LAOIS SPCA would like to thank all our supporters for the help they have given us during the year. Some give money anonymously so we cannot thank them individually, some pay money monthly via standing orders or PayPal, others donate food- whatever way you help we would like you to know it is so appreciated. We are so lucky in Laois to have such cooperative vets who periodically forego their profits to run reduced cost neutering schemes with us, you are so good.
Of course, the Laois SPCA is a team of people, some you may know, others not but they all play their part by fostering animals, working in the shop, trapping cats for TNR, updating our website and numerous other tasks all necessary to comply with all the legislation involved in running a charity. Not one of these people receives a cent in payment for all the time they give.
Some local businesses also help by donating raffle prizes or allowing us to hold food appeals in their centres, that too is appreciated.
We are only a small team but it is quality that counts, not quantity and in Laois, we have the best.
To everyone have a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.