Give Feral Cats A Better Life

10th Feb 2015

For several years now Laois SPCA have been running a Trap, Neuter and Return Scheme (TNR) for feral cats. This 6 month old female was trapped this morning. She has been neutered, treated for parasites, had her ears cleaned and treated for ear mites. She will never know the hardship of bringing a litter of kittens into the world, trying to protect them and at the same time having to go out to hunt to feed them. Every year we trap and neuter anywhere between 100 and 200 ferals. This humanely brings down the number of kittens being born in very harsh conditions and reduces the number competing for food.

We still get calls from people who started feeding a feral a year ago and now have cats into double figures. All of a sudden, its a problem! We are continuously asking people to contact us when there are only one or two cats, before they have started breeding uncontrollably. We can neuter them, treat them for any minor injuries and treat them for worms and fleas. The cats will be much healthier without the burden of bearing litter after litter, they will be less likely to pick up viruses through mating and fighting and your garden will not be taken over by sickly cats.

So please, it is not enough to feed that stray cat and provide shelter. It is, of course, commendable, but you can do these cats a huge favour by getting them neutered and putting an end to unwanted litters. We can provide traps and cover the cost of neutering feral cats. If you are feeding a stray cat, please contact our cat co-ordinator at 085 2397059.

TNR Scheme