Dogs Found in the Slieve Bloom Mountains

11th Jan 2013

We received a call late this afternoon to say that an adult dog and 2 pups were seen in the Glendine Glenregan area of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. Both the dog and the puppies appeared in poor condition, quite thin and very nervous. When this was first reported it was assumed that it was a mammy and her 2 pups but it turned out to be a male dog and 2 female puppies. The male adult is approximately 2 years old and is a collie cross. The 2 puppies are approximately 6 months old and appear to be wired haired terrier cross. A huge thank you to Noel who initially reported this situation to us and also was lucky enough to have had dog food in his car which he kindly fed to these guys.A huge thank you as always to Brian Rosney who went out to these dogs and brought them to safety. These dogs are now safe, warm and fed. They will pay a visit to the vets in the morning for a health check to ensure that they are medically fit and will receive any care required.For anyone familiar with the area in question, it is quite remote and these poor defenceless animals may well have been abandoned. People need to step up to their responsibilities – if you own a pet please be a responsible owner and spay & neuter!! Do not expect everyone else deal with the result of your ignorance. All rescues are stretched to capacity at the moment and the situation is getting worse on a daily basis.