Dog Brutally Killed in Mountrath

30th Jan 2018

Laois Today reported a terrible case of a dog found on Sunday morning in a wood in Mountrath (you can read the report here).
There was a post on a local Facebook page with over a thousand comments, many from people who had not properly read the post. Several were from people saying what they would do to the owner if they found them — and admittedly there are cases of owners abandoning old dogs so they do not have to pay vet fees — but this was not one of those cases. People need to stop jumping to conclusions and think how they would feel if they were in that position and it was their dog.
This much loved family dog had been let out by mistake and was usually in an enclosed area and went off after another dog, how he managed to walk so far is a mystery but he was seen on Saturday morning on the road. What is certain is that he did not get himself tied up with wire in the woods.
IF that was teenagers they need to be found and prosecuted, IF it was adults they need to be found and prosecuted and that will not happen unless people keep their ears open for someone bragging in school, college or the pub about what they have done.
We are as insensed as anyone but would ask that people think before posting these wild accusations on Facebook even after the situation has been fully explained but they have not bothered to read the full post.
Hopefully the guilty people will be found ( could be girls as well as boys) and severely punished.