Daisy and Dolly

Daisy and Dolly’s Story

1st Sep 2015

These 2 beauties are Daisy and Dolly. They came into our care from the Myshall Puppy farm. All the stories of our puppies and dogs from this hell hole, have all had a happy ending and no matter how bad a state they were in or how scared some of them were, with veterinary care and tlc from their fosters, they all got a chance at a wonderful new life in their forever homes. BUT our older ladies are not so lucky. The years they have had to suffer the abuse from this monster has left these two little souls completely broken. They are petrified of humans and to this day, their foster is still unable to pick them up and cuddle them, which is all she wants to do. We have had a dog behaviorist out to try help them and he says they are totally broken and it is going to take time for them to trust again…could be weeks, months even years before they can over come what they have been through. They will play out side with their fosters other dogs, and they look like 2 normal dogs playing and having fun, but the moment a human appears, they run off to their beds to get as far away as possible. Their foster has given them the space they need and has a bed in every room for them so they can go to where they feel safe. Just a few weeks ago, if you went into a room they were in they would bolt out to another, just to get away, but there has been a slight break through. They now want to lie on their bed in the same room as their foster mommy. To us this is a major achievement, even though it seems so small. Every break through for these little girls is a miracle. We know these beauties have a future but it is heartbreaking to see any animal suffer like this, and it makes you wonder just what did these two girls go through. At least one thing we know for sure is that these two beauties are safe and getting the best care they deserve. PLEASE people, you go to these breeders and buy these puppies, they don’t always show you parents, so you could of bought one of these girls puppies, not knowing what they were going through. Puppy Farms are one of the cruelest forms of cruelty out there. You see it on a daily basis, but you still go out and buy. If you STOP buying, this STOPS, sweet little girls suffering like they are. Think before you encourage this kind of cruelty to carry on!!