Cat Neutering Scheme

1st Feb 2018

We will be running a 2 week Cat Neutering Scheme starting next Monday 5th February. We have 6 veterinary surgeries participating in this scheme, so there should be one near you. mating season has already kicked in, so unless you want the burden of unwanted litters, now is the time to get your cat done.

Cats can start breeding from the age of 4 months and can often have 3 litters in one year. Cats will readily breed with their brothers, sisters and parents. It is not beneficial for a cat to have a season or a litter before being spayed. Veterinary Ireland, in their Policy Document on Cat Neutering 2017, recommend pet cats are neutered from 16 weeks of age once they’re in good health.

Neutering advantages:

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevents the spread of disease eg FIV or FeLV
  • Prevents Pyometra in females
  • Prevents Ovarian and mammary tumours in females
  • Prevents testicular tumours in males
  • Reduced incidences of wounds and abscesses caused by fighting
  • Reduces straying, aggression, spraying, stress and calling in females
  • Eliminates the need to find homes for unwanted litters.

Be sensible — Neuter/Spay your cat.