Carlow Puppy Farm

22nd Apr 2015

Many of you will know about the closure of a puppy farm in Myshall, Carlow, where over 350 dogs/puppies were seized by the ISPCA. These animals were living in horrendous conditions and there were dead animals scattered everywhere. As some of you will know, several of our volunteers made the journey to the ISPCA Center in Kenagh, Longford on Friday to help relieve the burden on the ISPCA, who already have their own dogs in private kennels. Even though we are already stretched, we were able to help out by taking 21 dog/puppies from the center and 2 dogs from Vet Care, Carlow. These 2 dogs were rushed straight to the vets after being found on the puppy farm. Our volunteers were overwhelmed at the conditions of these animals.
We took a Cocker Spaniel mother and her pup. She was petrified and wouldn’t give you eye contact.
6 Belgium Shepherd x Husky puppies, who are extremely under nourished and scared. They have extreme diarrhea and had faeces stuck to their little bodies.
3 Labrador x puppies, who are basically in the same condition as the Shepherd puppies.
A Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu and Bichon. These 3 dogs were together and got frantic when you tried to separate them. The little Bichon just shook and when you try pick her up she just screams with fear. They had recently had pups and these are not young dogs.
A Cocker Spaniel that is just skin and bone. He has extreme hair lose and his whole little body is just covered in sores and scabs. He lay by the volunteers feet on the journey back and just shook the whole way.
A Labrador and 5 puppies of about 7/10 days old. She seems to of just given up. She has hair lose down her back and is just very sad in herself.
The Shih Tzu and Maltese that came from Vet Care, Carlow were in a shocking state. The female Shih Tzu has no back feet. Both her back legs are little stumps and this bastard kept breeding her without a worry about the weight and pain that her little stumps had to endure. She also had to have a hernia repaired. The little Maltese boy has achilles tendon damage to his back leg. There is nothing that can be done for them both, but to let them enjoy life. They have both been neutered, so they will never experience this horror again.
Our fosters will be working flat out to rehabilitate these poor dogs, to regain their trust, to give them nutritious food, clean bedding and most important of all, TLC.
With the conditions of these poor dogs/puppies, we are appealing to the public for help. Could you donate some good quality puppy/dog food, maybe some bedding, even some puppies toys for when these puppies start learning to play. They can be left in Vet Care, Portlaoise or our Charity Shop, Hynds Square. The cost of rehabilitating and treating these poor animals are going to be enormous. If you could help by donating something small, you can donate via idonate or text donate LSPCA 50300 or you could phone Vet Care, Portlaoise 057 8664841 to donate towards the vet bill. Thank you for all your support by helping us to be able to help all these animals to a brighter future!

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