Buzz update 2

Buzz Update!

31st Mar 2015

Hi everyone. Well yous was all right, I needs not of been scared having my eye operation today. My vet Tom pulled my 3rd eyelid over my eye and stitched it into place hoping that the blood vessels in the eye lid will restore the blood flow in the ulcer. In 10 days time the stitches will be removed and the eyelid pulled back. We will only know then if the surgery has been a success or if the eye will need to be removed. I haves lots of pain meds so my eyes not to sore. But I┬ádon’t like this big thing around my head and I beg my nurses to take it off but when they do I tries scratch so it goes back on. The nurses was telling me I got a card from 2 woof friends and a doggie easter egg. There was also lots of treats left for me today to. Thank you to all my woof friends and their pets for all the well wishes and loves they sent me. A big sloppy kiss coming your way from me.