Another reason to spay cats

Another Reason To Spay Your Cat

25th Jul 2015

This defenceless little 3-4 week old kitten was found in a shed today being attacked by a dog. Some of her injuries appear to be not so recent. She had a gaping wound on her back but what the photos don’t show is that his tail was dead and his bum area was torn apart and badly infected with a lot of dead tissue. It was felt that the kindest thing was to end this little boys suffering. Possibly the mother cat had moved him into the shed thinking it was a safe place. No place is safe for a kitten of this age especially when the mother may have been forced to leave to hunt for food. Get your cat spayed. Don’t risk having an innocent little thing like this suffer the fear and pain that this one did. Well done to the lovely girl who rushed him over from Abbeyleix to Portlaoise this evening in an effort to save him. So sorry the outcome was not better.

Another reason to spay cats 2