Allie Update

6th Feb 2013

Allie was bathed and had her hair shorn to remove the sore and uncomfortable matts. She felt much better after it and was so much brighter. It was short-lived though sadly and she returned to the comfort of her crate not really wanting to lift her head. You can see from Jimmy’s photo how sunken into her head her eyes are. Her bones protrude sharply, her skull, hips and pelvis are literally just covered in a thin layer of skin. It’s heart-breaking to run your hand along her poor body. She is back on the drip but there is a ray of optimism too as she’s eating tiny amounts herself. This little angel has quite a way to go but she is in great hands with Keira her fantastic Vet.
For those who have asked about donating towards her care, you can do so by using the ‘Donate’ button on our website or directly with her Vet, Portlaoise Veterinary Clinic, Fairgreen, Portlaoise. Thank you, without your support we simply could not help animals in need like Allie, we are always very grateful for any help no matter how small.